In the Episode of Ishq subhan allah starts at dinner, Reema says I m leaving, Imran says I will drop you. Nilofar says Imran if you infest to interact with me tomorrow then I will like it, he says I would like to meet you too. Reema glares at him and tells I have a headache. Zara asks her to stay.

Miraj talks to Kabir about school training. Miraj sees gym equipment and says you workout still? Kabir says it keeps me active. Miraj says will you have the first fight? Kabir says let’s have a fight, they start the first fight, Miraj takes their selfie. Miraj tells you to do all the work, do workout and strive to be an awesome husband, I think your lament giving the first divorce, I would suggest you to not divorce her, Zara is a very beautiful wife, you are so lucky to get her. Kabir tells I opinion a lot before giving her first divorce and I have time to give her second divorce, 21 days will decide if I will divorce her and get separate from her or hold her hand again to live with her. Kabir makes him lose the first fight.

Zara recalls Miraj’s sound to accept the divorce from Kabir. Reema tells what does Imran consider of himself? I would have divorced him if I could. She sees Zara tensed and asks what happened? Zara hugs her and cries. Miraj sends her a picture of him and Kabir fist fighting, she gets scared. Reema asks what happened? Zara says I love Kabir a lot, I know I took some decisions which he didn’t like but punishment to be divorced? Kabir is like my good friend much but why Kabir doesn’t exhibit right on me, Kabir ever fulfilled his duties as a husband, can’t husband and wife remain like friends? Can’t they be equal in marriage? I could have lived silent but it wouldn’t gain everything. Reema says its time for you to decide, you want your identity or your marriage? Think about it.

Miraj thinks that I have to know when Zara will be mine. He brings tea for Kabir. Kabir says you could have asked anyone. Miraj says I like to work with my hands. Miraj tells I want to ask about you what will you do after giving divorce to Zara? Will you remarry? Kabir glares at him. Miraj says I was just asking. Kabir says your question is valid, you have made me think, nobody told me if divorce was right or not, Kabir says to Miraj that your question has made me think, what I will do after giving divorce to Zara? But the question is what I will do by giving divorce to Zara? Truth is that I want to be able to have a relationship with anyone for a long time, Miraj says why? What pain have you got? Kabir says it’s not easy to fill the gap, to fill the place of Zara, it can’t be easy. Miraj looks on.

Zara cries and says to Reema that I thought I would save my relation but I could not, this divorce will happen for sure. Reema says are you mad? Kabir is to strive so hard to win your sweet heart, stop this doubt, take relax and wait for Tomorrow, your husband has planned something very special for you Tomorrow but I am not going to tell you, Zara stares on.

In the morning, Zara brings breakfast and tells sorry to Kabir, she tells we would start a new day with the smile. Kabir looks at her and tells what do you want? She says to excuse me and smile at me. Kabir shakes his head and tells ok I will strive my best. Zara consider and tells I want to talk about yesterday, he says yes: Zara tells actually: door knocks. Zara turns and sees Miraj standing there, she gets scared. Kabir asks Zara but she wanted to say? Zara doesn’t answer him. Miraj comes inside and tells teachers will outset training today so check these files. Kabir does it and says thank you for giving these files for teachers, Miraj says I will put them on the table. Miraj looks at Zara and tells I am pondering that training will start through 4 pm so it will take time to end so you can imagine how much time it’s going to take. He smirks at Zara.

Kabir, Miraj, and Zara sit for breakfast. Miraj says, Kabir, you have healthy life because of this food, you are lucky, you get this food, I work all day but doesn’t get this type of food. Zara says only healthy food doesn’t make you healthy, clean heart and thoughts make you a good person too, good-hearted person remain healthy. Kabir says Zara is right. Miraj says yes.

Kabir stares at the place with Miraj and Nilofar, Kabir tells its a best place for teachers training. Miraj says my sister Nilofar help much to find this place. Kabir tells then I should thank her, her work is meritorious, she nods. Kabir says I have few works, he leaves. Nilofar says to Miraj that I could not talk to you because of Zara, why do you want me to get married to that Imran? He is cute, not a shock like you. Miraj says this show started because of you dancing with me. Nilofar tells if you didn’t want to dance then you could have said no. Miraj says it was both our error and I got a chance because of this mistake. Nilofar says what chance? Why are you investing your diamond smuggling penny in this project? Miraj tells this project will help me very much, my huge black money will get white while I invest in this project, I don’t care about this project working, that’s why I am not killing Kabir because he is like a golden hen for me. Nilofar says don’t talk about harming Kabir, I have signed a contract with Ruksar. Miraj tells you can’t even cash that cheque, Nilofar says it will be crashed after three months, live away from my cheque. Miraj says join hands with me and you will earn so much money. Miraj tells to Nilofar that live away from Imran and Amaan because you might have to kill them on my orders in future. Miraj turns and is shocked to see Kabir standing there.

Miraj shows sleeping pills to Zara and says take these pills otherwise I will kill Imran. Zara gets scarred, she takes the pills and falls asleep. Miraj caresses her face. Kabir comes there and sees it.


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