In eid special, Zara sees nilofar go some room and follows her. Ishq Subhan Allah is the tv serial which comes on Saturday and Sunday.

In the party, Kabir ask media to take pictures of Zara , he says Zara you want to be famous, all will know that you are a daughter of Islam to be continued tomorrow

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The episode starts with Kabir’s mom telling him that she will not celebrate eid without Zara, you have to get her home at any risk and cost.

Ayesha comes to Kabir and says you have to bring back to Zara back on eid. Kabir says she left from here. Ayesha says i won’t let you destroy eid because of your fight. Shahbaz comes there. Ayesha says Zara and her family could be here on eid. Shahbaz says Zara is fine but why calling Irfan? Ayesha says what? A Zara is not here then I will go back to my mother’s house too. Kabir says what? She says yes if you don’t bring Zara then I am leaving too.

Salma says to Zara that you don’t want to go to your in-law’s house? Zara says i told you i will go there but still Kabir doesn’t come to take me. I want to go there. Doorbell rings. Zara goes to open the door. She opens it and rubs her eyes due to spice. She says my eyes have spice in it, it’s itchy and i can’t open them, she says who is it? Kabir looks into her eyes. Kabir blows on her eyes Zara touches Kabir’s face, they stare at each other. Zara moving away. Ayesha comes there and asks Zara if she is fine? Zara says yes, all guys are inside. All guys enter Zara’s house.

Ayesha says to Zara that come to your room, we celebrate Eid together. Zara says someone doesn’t want me to come, so I

won’t come. Ayesha says Zara don’t say like that, this is your first eid and if daughter in law is not at home then all relatives can ask ugly and wrong many questions but i want you to come home, the home looks empty without you, Ayesha says Zara don’t say no.Zara looks at Kabir and thinks i want to spend eid with Kabir,but just Kabir say once that you want me to come with you. Kabir says to Irfan that you should come to our eid celebrations,its go to be big.Irfan says Kabir thanks for the invitations but elders should invite elders, Shahbaz not coming here that means he doesn’t want us to join you family people on eid.Ayesha says Irfan no no,he wants to come but he has some work. Ayesha says to Zara that i really want you on eid but you can’t then atleast come for Iftar,God Bless You. Ayesha hugs Salma. Kabir looks at Zara but doesn’t say anything, suddenly he leaves with Ayesha.

At night, Ayesha is waiting for Zara at Iftar.Kabir says you are waiting for Zara? Zara is not going to come,she is stubborn. Nilofar says we can’t delay Iftar.Ayesha says no, Zara can never disappoint me,she is come for sure. Kabir says okay let see if Zara comes then i will do as you say but i am telling you Zara is not come. Ayesha looks at door but there is no Zara.She turns away but Zara enters the house. Ayesha is very happy to see Zara and hugs her. Zara greeds everyone. Ayesha makes her sit with Zara.Ayesha says to Kabir that you said you will do anything if Zara comes then break her fast. Kabir says i am not doing it,i can’t do it.Shahbaz ask him do it Kabir break Zara’s fast.Kabir offer a date to Zara but she doesn’t take it,Kabir knows it closer to her mouth, she take a bite. Ayesha asks Zara too.Zara takes a date and offers it to Kabir but he doesn’t eat.All looks on both guys.He takes a bite.Zara smiles a littel Shahbaz says bismillah lets eat.

Zeenat seeing dresses and say to Ayesha that you are getting all this? Ayesha says my time has passed,this is for you both.Ayesha gives dresses and jewellery to Zara and say they will look really nice on you. Zeenat make jealous and say Zara are lucky to get jwellery and dresses like this,i didn’t have get something like this on my first eid.Ayesha says i have got gifts for you too,on your first eid followed the passion of that time,this is our new styles.Zeenat says may be you are right but Zara’s jewellery are very luxury,Zara says Zeenat you are a family,you can choose my jwellery,Zeenat says i dont want things in charity,Ayesha gives Zeenat gifts to her and says you both are same for me,Zeenat says Ayesha thanks an angrily leavesdropping .Ayesha asks Zara if she feel bad about Zeenat’s words? Ayesha says i will sorry for them. Zara says no no.Ayesha says Zara this is your first eid in this house,i want you to end all the matter with Kabir so you start a new start with Kabir to have a good future.Zara says now i know Kabir and his anger,i know how to handle the Kabir and cool down,there will be no space between us now.

Ayesha says Kabir you are lucky to get a wife like Zara,Zara says i am lucky to get a husband like Kabir and mother in law like mother.Zara hugs Ayesha tightly.

Amaan calls everyone on terrace and shows all the moon of eid.They congratulate each other. Amaan says i will take a photo of moon,he strikes with Zara,Zara is about to fall but Kabir holds her, they are staring at each other. Nilofar ask to Miraj that some people are falling in love and some are getting make jealous.Ayesha smiles a little.Kabir moves away from Zara.Zara stops Kabir say tomorrow is eid, please forget all the matters wit each other and enjoy eid with us.Kabir says Zara i dont want to talk about this topic.Zara says please.Kabir says okay.Ruksar come there and wish everyone.Zeenat sees her and shocked? Ruksar says don’t worry,i didn’t run away from my inlaws house,Humdan left me here,he will come tomorrow after doing some work.

Ruksar hugs Zeenat.Zeenat says Ruksar i was missing you so much, now my eid will be a happy one.Zara looks Ruksar and Zeenat then Zara about to message. Zeenat thinks what if Zara messages police because case is still active against Ruksar. Ayesha shakes her head at Zara,Zara stops.



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