In the latest episode of Ishq Subhan Allah 19th November 2018, there is the romance of Kabir and Zara. The update of the Tv serial begins with Kabir lifts to Zara in the rain and he twirls her around. He hugs her and smiles. Zara feels so happy at that time and thanks to Allah to get an amazing day.

Zara is feeling too cold so he covers her with the blanket and rubs her hands. Kabir told to Zara that the water is too cold. He moves closer and looks at her, she leans into him. To saw, this Kabir stares at her. Zara caresses his face and is about to kiss him but recalls that how Ruksaar said that Kabir did not divorce her.

Zara fells said because of Ruksaar. To saw the sad face of Zara Kabir asked the problem. Zara replied that there is nothing. She moves away. Kabir looks on and goes away. Zara comes to him, and she said to Kabir that come to my close.

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After this Kabir said that I know that Ruksaar is between us, this is not fair. Zara hugs to him from behind and said that I have the trust on you more then other’s. Zara told to Kabir that I have the trust on your promises and your thoughts most.

He turns him to her and he kisses his cheeks in a very lovely way. Zara puts his hands on her waist and sways with him. Zara kisses on his nose. They both lean and lie on the floor. In the morning, Kabir has decorated the whole room with his and Zara’s funny picture.

He smiles seeing to him to give her tea. Kabir gave the beautiful roses to Zara. To saw the roses on the hand of Kabir she asked him that the roses are for me? Kabir replied to her question that yes this is only for you. Zara feels so happy because of Kabir and she thanks Kabir for this beautiful morning.


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