Again, we are back with another interesting news for all the viewers and lovers who are keen to watch the upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin. As all of us know that the show already amusing millions of people by introducing many fabulous episodes on regular basis. The previous episode also engages many people to watch the mind-blowing story of the show in the upcoming ones as well. The makers of the show very well maintain the suspense and the high TRP of the show. Every episode containing a very huge fan following and the stars also getting lots of love and appreciation from the audience.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

If we talk about the ongoing story of Ishq Par Zor Nahin then it is showing many turns and twists in the story. The previous episode shows Ishqi, Ahaan, Kartik, and two more family members are going to dinner in the restaurant. When they all sit on their seats, Ahaan calls a waiter to give him an order. But, when the waiter comes he gives the menu card to Ishqi, and Ahaan gets offended and he says that He is also here for the dinner. Then Ishqi gives him the menu card which hurts him more. He gets angry at her in front of everyone.

After that, he also feels guilty as he yells at Ishqi in front of everyone and Ishqi is surprised that he is still treating her rudely. Then, Ishqi tells Kartik to order some food for her. After that, Kartik asks her for chicken but Ahaan denies ordering chicken for her as she is a diabetic and it is not good for her. Then, Ishqi again wonders after hearing this and she thinks that if he worries for her then why he is not telling this in front of everyone as he yells at her.

The dinner was actually gone very fantastic in which they all indulge in small cute fights that make the entire dinner much better for everyone. The upcoming episode of the show also going to heat up the entire environment as millions of people all over the country are eager to watch the amazing television show. Ishq Par Zor Nahin is a very genuine and brilliant television show that going to boost the engagement level of the audience to watch the upcoming episode. The show will be airing on Sony Entertainment Television at 9:30 PM. It will be actually very exciting to watch the complete episode because of the turns and twists that will be going to happen in the episode.


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