Another brilliant and massive episode of the popular television show is again hitting the television. Ishq Par Zor Nahin is a very brilliant television show which is entertaining everyone by giving many fabulous episodes. Now, the upcoming episode of the show also enhancing the craze among the viewers. The popularity and the TRP of the show already very high and creating a huge sensation all over social media. The story which is going on in the show is very interesting that amusing all the people by giving lots of suspense and thrilling moments. If you are searching to know Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update of 18th June 2021 then here we are available all the time to provide all the information.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 18th June 2021 Written Updates

The upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin begins with Ishqi saying that Dadi is ready to give her life instead of accepting her. She says that Dadi is at a temple that is nearest here and there is only one temple where Dadi would be staying. Later, Ahaan says Dadi to come back home but Kartik says nothing will happen to her. Ahaan says Dadi will never accept Ishqi but Kartik asks him that he want to live with Ishqi. Later, Ahaan gets a message from Ishqi and Kartik says him that they will find Dadi you go to Ishqi.

In the next scene, Radhika saying to Riya that you and Ahaan have to marry each other. But, Riya says it’s medical complications in her pregnancy and Radhika asks her how Ahaan accepts this baby if you both never come close to each other. Riya clarifies that she lie to him and make him believe that he is the father of the baby.

After hearing this, Radhika asks her that she confirmed that her story will work. While they both talking to each other, Sarla comes and tells them everything that Ahaan’s Dadi is missing and threatened to commit suicide. Radhika asks Riya to find Dadi to win Ahaan’s heart.

After that, Riya also says that she will win the game and make Ahaan forget Ishqi. She further says that the marriage of Ahaan with her will happen at any cost. In the next scene, Ishqi appearing in the temple and shouts Dadi. Suddenly, she says Dadi going in front of a truck.

She runs and saves Dadi but Dadi yells at her to leave. Dadi further says that she will never accept her as Ahaan ever thought of her. Now, the further story of the show Ishq Par Zor Nahin will be airing on Sony Entertainment Television at 09:30 PM. You will very easily watch the complete episode on the television screens tonight.


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