Another written update of the prominent television show is here available. You don’t need to search more to know Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update of 16th June 2021. Already the show getting much attention from the audience because of showing such mind-blowing episodes to all the fans. The fan following of the show and the star cast who played the pivotal roles in the show is extremely high that engage a huge audience to watch all the upcoming episodes. Now, the story that goes on is also highly anticipated and attracts lots of people to watch the upcoming episode of the show.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 16th June 2021 Episode

The upcoming episode will start with Ishqi who is sitting on the sofa and her Massi asks her if she has any problem. She says no but she further says if she is happy then she says yes. On the other hand, Ahaan and Karthik cracking jokes to make Ahaan understand that he needs to take a strong decision about Ishqi as she leaves him but he asks him to go.

In the next scene, Ahaan sees Ishqi with Karthik and he runs behind the cab. Karthik thinks maybe Ahaan understands but Rhea comes there and takes Ahaan with her. Karthik further thinks about what will happen with them as their egos already make things very difficult.

When Rhea leaves the place then Dadi comes to Ahaan and says him that Mehta has done so much in recent time. Dadi further says that he should respect Rhea but Karthik talks against Rhea. Later, Karthik makes a video call to Ishqi and talks to her.

He also shows Ahaan to her and they both just see each other and do not say anything to each other. Karthik wishes both of them for their further life even Ishqi also congratulates Ahaan and disconnects the call. After cutting the call, she cries.

She imagines that Ahaan is confessing his love to her but suddenly comes into reality. The show extremely showing amazing story in which Ahaan will be going to express his love for Ishqi. When Ahaan reaches the airport then he sees that the flight is boarded but also notices Ishqi who coming out from the washroom.

He holds her hands and keeps an eye lock to say everything that she feels for her. The further story is still suspense that you will watch in the upcoming episode. Ishq Par Zor Nahin airing on Sony Entertainment Television at 09:30 PM and you will easily watch it.


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