The episode starts with Ahaan tries to stop Ishqi from going away. Ishqi says the flight will be missed if you will not let me go. Ahaan says that you cannot leave me. He goes down on his knees and apologizes for everything wrong that he has done. I snatched away everything from you and gave you pain. She asks him about his marriage. He says that I couldn’t do it, will you marry me Ishani? She goes down on her knees and says that how could I trust you that you will not hurt me again. Ahaan asks Ishani to give them a second chance as his life is incomplete without her. He asks her to see in his eyes if he is lying. He says that I will not be happy without you.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 17th june 2021

Maasi tries to call Ishani but Kartik stops her and asks her not to spoil the moment. Ishani asks her for some time and Ahaan asks him to give their relationship a second chance. He tears the tickets and asks her to say yes to continue this relationship. Sarla says Ahaan spoiled her image and Chachi asks her to calm herself. Radhika asks Riya about the whole matter. Dadi says that Ishqi is behind all this and she will not spare her.

Ishqi asks Ahaan that how would he make her understand. Ahaan says that he has already done wrong to Riya and he cannot marry her. He will not cheat her and confess everything about Ishani. Ishani

says that she has already made a mistake last time when she chose the wrong guy. Ahaan asks her to choose the right one right now. She says that I know that family is important. Ahaan agrees with her and says that if you can win my heart, you will win my family’s heart as well. Ishqi says that she wants to work to make her own identity.

He says that he will always make her happy. On the other side, Dadi is upset with Ahaan and Chachi tried to make her calm. She says that Ahaan will never do anything which is not good for him. There will be a valid reason to break this marriage. Dadi says that Ishqi is the reason behind his

broken marriage. Chachi requests Dadi to accept Ishqi as their daughter-in-law. Ishqi asks Ahaan that you used to hat eme earlier the how could your feelings changed suddenly. Ahaan says that I really love you and my feeling has been changed. Look into my eyes and you will see my love for you. Then suddenly his phone rang, it was Dadi.

She says that you have done what you wanted now this is my turn to do. Ahaan calls Kartik and asks where Dadi is. Ishqi calls Sonu and requests him to find Dadi. Ishqi and Ahaan search Dadi in a restaurant when everyone is looking for them. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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