Welcome back to get fresh details related to the upcoming television show, Ishq Par Zor Nahin. As everyone knows that the show is getting much attention and love from the audience. Now, the madness among the fans is touching the peak and bringing heat to the environment by adding some exceptional episodes. The show has already shown a very genuine story in the last episode. The previous episode shows the anger of Ahaan as he sits in his cabin and when his mother enters his cabin he scolds his mother and says that they hired him for this job, not bought him.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 29th July 2021

In the previous episode, Ahaan appearing in very angry and says to his mother that schedule the next meeting only when you have time to concentrate as he has no time to waste. But, after hearing this, his mother gets upset and thinking in her mind as she wishes she could tell everything that why she gets up in the middle of the meeting. While Ahaan packing his things, his mother tells him that she has her own reasons to leave the meeting in the middle and she did not think to tell the reasons to everyone.

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Now, the previous episode already collects lots of love and attention from the audience. But, the upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin will be bringing heat and be engaging millions of people as the makers revealing a very shocking truth in the episode. Yes, the upcoming episode begins with Ahaan taking care of Savitri as she is unconscious.

Then Ahaan gets a call from his Dadi she saying that she is worried for him and asks if there will happen a big thing. After that, Ahaan denies that the situation is under control now. She further asks about Ishqi and says that she did not go to the office today and asks if she has come to Ahaan.

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After hearing this, Ahaan says that if you need some answers about Ishqi then talk to her but Dadi says that she is afraid for Ahaan from when he is working with Savitri. But, he says that what she will do as she is unconscious in front of him because she drinks the coffee that Dadi brings for her. Dadi mixed medicine in the coffee. In the next scene, Priya reveals a very shocking truth in front of everyone.

Priya says that she is pregnant and will be the mother of Ahaan’s child. So, the upcoming episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin will be going to hit the bull’s eye. The show is airing on Sony Entertainment Television at 9:30 PM. So, don’t forget to watch the exceptional episode of the show tonight.


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