Ishq Mein Marjawan today’s episode starts with Ridhima try to contact Thapa and tell him everything about fake documents. She says that I tried to go away from Vansh by making fake documents but he will not leave her at any cost as he loves her. Ridhima is confused and a video of Vansh plays where he kissed Ridhma and wished her Happy Anniversary. Vansh came to know that Ridhima is planning to leave him. Heartbroken Vansh calls Angre and drinks with him. Angre asks him to give another chance to Ridhima as she also loves him. Vansh refuse and says it’s too late and I will not continue this relationship with Ridhima. He got angry and asks anger to leave. Angre goes to his room and asks Ishani to sleep.

Ishq mein Marjawan 2

He kisses her forehead and says I love You. Ishani says she also loves him and asks if everything alright. He says everything will be fine sleep for now. She hugs him and notices that Angre is hurt. She removes his t-shirt and sees the marks on his back. She asks about it and Angre says that this was just a misunderstanding with my boss, nothing else. She asks him why did he do that. She got angry and wanted to confront Vansh for doing all this. ANgre stops her and says that Vansh misunderstood him that he is misbehaving with Ridhima. Ridhima tries talking to Vansh but he shouts at her asks her to leave him

alone. Ridhima says that she did all this to know his love for her. She asks Vansh to accept the Anniversary gift, but Vash scolds her for making fake documents. He says that she took help from Thapa for doing all this. On the other side, Ishani calls Thapa and asks him about the person who called her and said that I am Ishani. She threatened him and Thapa send her Ridhima’s number who called her and identified herself as Ishani. Ridhima tries to regain Vansh’s trust and give him roses. Vansh crushes the roses and asks her to leave. Ridhima asks him to say this in looking her eyes. Vansh refused to see her face and asks her to leave his house right away.

Vansh enters his room after some time and couldn’t find Ridhima. He seeks Angre’s help and tries to call Ridhima. A staff member confirms that he has seen Ridhima going outside. Angre and Vansh go to search for her but unfortunately, Ishani meets Ridhima and hits her head with a stick. Ridhima faints and she packed her in a trolly bag. She drags the bag and puts it into the car. After some time Ridhima got conscious and seeks kelp. To know more about this article stay connected to us.



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