Today, we are bringing a new written update of the most prominent television series named Ishq Mein Marjawan 2. As all of us know that the show is getting much attention from the audience and also attracting a huge number of admirers in every episode. The previous episodes of the show also make the moment very interesting and engage many viewers to watch the upcoming one as well. The story of the series ends with thrilling suspense every time which enhances the level of curiosity among the viewers to know the story of the show ahead. Here, we are providing all the details that you are looking for.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 12th june 2021

Now, the upcoming episode of the television show Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 will begin with Vansh just getting up and taking Ridhima to the room. Later, he meets Angre for gold consignment and sniper but Angre says that he has no idea about the sniper but he will find out every information.

In the next scene, Ridhima comes and tells about her nightmare. In a nightmare, Ridhima sees that she has been kidnapped and Angre tells her to keep a knife under the pillow while she sleeps. Suddenly Sara comes and asks them to play cricket as she is getting bored.

But, Vansh leaves the place without saying anything that where he is going. In the next scene, Sia goes to meet Vyom but he scolds her for coming to meet him like this. Also, he says that if she does such a thing again then she will be in trouble and he further says that he will call her, and then he leaves from there. Later,

Ishani scolds Sia when she sees her flirting with a lobby manager. Ishani says that she knows everything about the breakup with Vyome but this does not mean she will talk to anyone.

On the other hand, Ridhima walking in the hall while hearing the voice of the Piano that is playing by Vansh. After that, Ridhima also begins walking in the direction from where the voice of the piano coming.

Now, the television series is extremely amazing and everyone wants to watch the upcoming episode in which the makers going to show a very fabulous story of the television series. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 will be airing on Colors TV at 7 PM and millions of people all over the country are eager to watch the exceptional episode that going to hit tonight.


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