Today’sepisode starts with Vansh and Angre are worried about Ridhima as she is missing from the house. Vansh asks Angre to call Ridhima. He tries calling her but she didn’t answer his call. Vansh got panic and blame himself to fight with Ridhima. He tries to check CCTV footage of parking to search Ridhima. Dadi is looking for Aryan and says that she will tell everything to Vansh. She tried talking to Vansh but Vyom pushes her into the winning pool and tries to hide her from Vansh. He warns Dadi not to tell anything to Vansh. Ridhima shouts for help and Vansh heard her

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 16th June 2021

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Epiosde

voice. He runs towards the car and asks Ridhima to relax as will help her. Vansh called the doctor and apologize to her that he shouts at her so she decided to leave him. Ridhima says she never thought of leaving him and she has no idea how she got into the car. Vansh is confused and asked her how could you forget all this.

You have locked yourself in the car and also spread the gas. Ridhima aks him to trust her words as she was unconscious inside the car and the moment she got her senses, she asked for help. Ishani overheated their conversation and leave. Vansh tried to unpack Ridhima’s bag and asks her to live

with her in his room. Ridhima is upset and says that you broke our friendship so can be friends again. Vansh smiles and says that on one condition I’ll be your friend if you will always be with me and never going to leave me even after the fight. Vansh expresses his love and says that RIdhima is not just his wife but also his strength. She smiles and says that he is everything to her and she loves him the most. Vansh asks Ridhima to promise that she will never get bothered with his work and be a cooperative wife. He asked her about the recent incident. She says that she only remember that something hit her head and she fainted when

she wakes up she found herself locked inside the car. Ridhima and Vansh dictate the incident to Dadi and say that the day they are returned to Goa something suspicious is happening in our lives. Vansh asks openly each family member and specifically asks Ishani if she knows anything. He recalls her bracelet which he found outside the car.

He gives her the bracelet and interrogates her if she has done this to Ridhima. Angre got angry and pressurize Ishani to say the truth. Ishani accepts that she did all this to kill Ridhima. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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