Ishq Mein Mrjawan 2 is one of the most liked television daily soaps and in today’s episode, you will watch Ridhima asking how shall she trust her. Sunny says that no one knows what they are talking about, I know why you entered this house, I know you are searching Ragini’s truth. She says yes, but… he takes pics with Ishani. Siya goes to Vansh and asks him to come for pictures. Chanchal says Ridhimma and Sunny are bonding well. Anupriya says that she ought to be away from her family. Riddhima asks how does she know about Ragni. Sunny says that she should know about her before saying anything that what she has been through, she was murdered in the in this house, and goes. Dadi asks Ridhima to come for family pictures. Riddhima says that she is fine here. Dadi takes her, She asks Riddhima to come to this site. Riddhima and Vansh both stand together on Dadi’s precept and the title song plays.

ishq me marjwa

Dadi asks Ishani to fix her makeup. Vansh says that he has to see some arrangments. Dadi asks him to stand there because this is family time, and she gets there pic clicked. Riddhima thinks that she has to know where Ragini’s body buried, rose garden. Sunny signs her. Dadi says everyone to come for engagement. There Vansh warns Sunny to stay in his limits. Sunny and Ishani exchanges the rings. Riddhima sees the time. She waits for Sunny in the garden. She says that sunny did not come yet. Sunny makes Ishani drink. He spills the drink on her dress. She goes to change, then he leaves.

Somebody goes to stab Riddhima. Riddhima turns and sees Sunny, he says sorry, i got late. She says its fine, now tell me where is Ragini’s body that buried. He says that her body buried right here, you are standing, where it can’t be expected, this red rose is a sign of love & Vansh’s hatred oos also buried here. Someone recorded them, she says that someone is here did you hear that sound. He says that there is no one, whom you are talking about. She says that sound, she stumbles, and they see something. Riddhima sees Ragini’s grave. Sunny nods. Riddhima says that we have found Ragini. She cries and says that we do not have any relation but I will get justice for you.

She says to Sunny that she wants something to dig this place to get her body, Sunny says careful, do you like to die like Ragini, because Vansh is not an ordinary criminal if he gets to know about this, he must kill you along with me.
The episode ends with a extreme suspense to know more you can watch today’s episode and know more about the episode and that too before it airs come back again we will let you know. Till then stay tuned…


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