Today’s episode starts with Ahaan talks to Ishqi and Dadi says that Ishqi saved Savitiri. She says that it won’t be easy to know anything about Savitiri and she is not having any courage to do anything. Dadi gets Sarla’s call and and akss if she is ready for the kitty party. Dadi says that I will come soon. She says that women never give up on drama now I need to tolerate this.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin 28th july 2021

Ahaan asks her why she didn’t tell me that you are unwell. Massi says that she is fine now as she has taken the medicine. He asks why didn’t you call me, now tell me what the doctors said. Ishqi asks him how did you know that I am here. He says that I have already installed the tracking app on your phone.

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If you get unwell then I can reach you anytime. She asks were spying on me. He says that I am worried about you only. Massi says that he loves you a lot and Ishqi thinks the doctor will take Savitri’s name. She says alright I will take medicines from time to time and will get well soon.

Ahaan asks will she be fine soon. The doctor says yes she will be fine you just keep patience. She says that I will take the medicine and confuse the doctor. Ishqi says that don’t worry about me and you have turned into a spy. Doctors say that Ishqi needs rest for 12 hours. Ahaan asks for their sugar level and the doctors ask about her diabetes as well.

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Ahaan asks the doctor to treat Ishqi carefully. Doctors say that I just know that she is under stress. Ahaan asks Ishqi are you under stress, she says yes we all are under stress. Maasi says that Ahaan you rest for some time then I’ll come to you. Ahaan brings Ishqi home after some time. He complains that why didn’t you tell me that you are not well.

Ishqi says that I never want you to worry about me. Ishqi asks him not to worry about me. She says that when you scold me you look handsome. She says that I love you when you care about me. He says I am really upset that you always fight with me. He asks her to take a rest, when she will be fine he will take revenge.

She says that you don’t need to track me from now onwards, I’ll tell you everything. I know you love me and care about me. Said is with Sarla at the kitty party and Sarla and Ginni sparked the party. Dadi thought that I slaped Sarla and insulted her in front of everyone. Riya comes and greets them.

Sarla says that it’s not Rita’s mistake and what will she do if a guy cheated on her for the sake of a poor girl. Ishqi waited for Ahaan and hugs her. She asks what happened and catches her. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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