One of the popular American rappers and professionally known as Isaiah Rashad has become a topic of discussion among netizens due to this s3x tape controversy. Many fans are searching about his past controversy which is related to Isaiah Rashad. During the Coachella performance of the rapper that was held on Saturday night, the rapper made his first comments about a video to the public that leaked in February. According to the sources, the video showed the rapper in an s3xual situation with men. Keep reading to know more details about this controversy.

Rapper Isaiah Rashad Addressed Past Controversy Of His Sexuality

Isaiah Rashad who is a fixture of the SoCal label Top Dawg Entertainment alongside SZA and Kendrick Lamar played a prerecorded clip before his Sahara Tent set. The short clip of the rapper included a commentary of the media and voiceovers about the unauthorized release of the video. A voice in the clip hears,” The purpose of doing that was to embarrass him. However, it backfired”. Well, a few popular artists such as Lil Nas X and Tyler have opened up a new room in hip hop for queer black men but the outing of Rashad was against his will.

Isaiah Rashad Video Leaked

During the Coachella event, Rashad told the crowd that the fan support has been a lifeline for him. He said,” I see all the messages and all the positivity. Y all kept me alive these last couple of months”. The rapper played a typically incendiary set that featured songs off his well-regarding 2021 LP such as “The House Is Burning”, “RIP Young”, “Lay Wit Ya”, and “Rope// Rosegold” from 2016’s “The Sun’s Trade” as well.

Later, the event began where he was joined onstage by the buzzy new TDE signee Doechii for “Wat U Sed”. Since the video of the rapper went leaked on social media, his fans left several hate comments and reactions on social media but several supporters made him to work again in the industry. A 30-years-old rapper was born on May 16, 1991, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, US. Due to his several hits in the music industry, he achieved a huge respect and love from his fans during his entire career and once again, he was trapped in the controversy of his leaked video.

Who Is Isaiah Rashad?

Many are also searching for his alleged video on social media which has been removed from several websites even from Twitter and Reddit. Now, the rapper has once again become a part of the industry and opened up on his last Coachella event.


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