In the latest episode of Ishq Subhan Allah 24th October 2018 Kabir denies to Ruksaar. Today’s latest update begins with Ruksaar said to Zara that till this door is open, Kabir is yours and when this door is closed, Kabir is mine. She closes the door in front of the face of Zara. She has tensed for this and paces around.

She recalls the talk with Kabir she thinks that how Kabir said he loves her unconditionally, how she asked if he accepts hers his wife for his whole life? How he promised to not let anyone come in between them, how he said that he never shares his life Zara with anyone.
In the room, Kabir begins Dua to God. He continuously prayed to the god. Ruksaar whispers to herself that I will spend tonight with Kabir in his arms and then tomorrow. She thinks everything in his mind. She mixes poison in juice and said we will leave this world tomorrow and be together always afterlife.

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 At the outside the door, Reema said to Zara that he would not come, she said to understand the situation and come with me. Zara said that I will not come with Reema. Zara is very confident on Kabir that he is handling the situation. After this she breakdowns and start crying.

To saw, this Reema hugs her and said to control herself and takes her from there. Kabir prays to God that I do not know that if I am right, I am doing all this for Zara, please don’t let me do anything that will destroy this house’s honour or Zara. He turns and saw Ruksaar smiling on him, he glares at her. Ruksaar said that I signed the agreement because I wanted a night with you. Now you will have to do what I want.


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