Miami police have made an arrest over the murder of 27-years-old Andrea Lloyd. The man has been identified as Xavier Johnson who was the boyfriend of Andrea Lloyd and has been charged for murdering and kidnapping her. Along with this, the medical examiners also found the remaining parts of 27-years-old Andrea Lloyd near the Homestead Miami Speedway.

Is Xavier Johnson Arrested

Now, Xavier Johnson has been charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, and burglary with assault in her death. As per the police investigation, a body of a female was found on the large metal box in a pickup track near the Homestead Miami Speedway.

Is Xavier Johnson Arrested?

When the police examined the body, it was revealed to be the body of 27-years-old lady Andrea Lloyd. Now, he is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center with no bond and it is believed that he will be sentenced for several years or till death.

According to the police reports, they revealed that Johnson has been admitted, he kidnaped Andrea Llyod from a home where she was working as a caretaker on Tuesday and killed her. Her remaining body parts were found on Wednesday in a wood area in Homestead. The family of Lloyd told about Johnson to the police.

Now, the case has been solved and Johnson has been sent to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He is the murder of his girlfriend, Andrea Lloyd. He also admitted that he arrived where she was working as a caretaker. It was recorded in the nearby camera where he attacked her and dragged Lloyd in her white Honda Civic.

Who Is Xavier Johnson?

The intention of this crime has been not revealed yet but the police are trying to take his statement that why did he kill her? On the other side, the victim’s father revealed that Lloyd was about to end her relationship with him shortly. She has been facing an abusive relationship for a very long time.

Let us tell you that Xavier Johnson is a 32-years-old and is a father of two young children. He did not marry to his girlfriend but the couple shared 2 children. Maybe, the couple was going to expand their family because it was revealed that Lloyd was six-month pregnant at the time of her death.

Now, Johnson’s children are sheltering with their grandfather, Arnold. The family of Lloyd is suffering from a difficult time and asking justice for their daughter.


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