A lot of people watch Pornography in the workplace. Pornography is an incredibly charged topic. Not even adults but teenagers are often watching porn these days. Whenever the word ‘Porn’ or ‘ Pornography’ is heard, everyone starts eavesdropping. But the issue is watching porn at the workplace is ethical? It shows the behavior of a person. And, of course, there’s the little issue of actually admitting to watching porn at work. In a survey, it is found that watching porn tend to produce wildly behavior among people.

According to the new study- viewing pornography in the office also results in several organizational outcomes, including unethical behavior. The study was published in the ‘Journal of Business Ethics.’ Co-author of Melissa Lewis-Western says that Pornography framed as an issue affecting only individuals and relationship outside the business.  She further states that business is made up of people, and those people make a decision. They are watching Pornography at workplace effects the individual image as well as the organization’s image.

In a 2014 survey reported that 63% of the men and 36% of the women say they have watched pornography at work. It means that the majority of men and a minority of females have watched a little recorded pornography video while they were supposed to be working. This survey was conducted for a Ministry, one that’s deeply invested in men being dogs in need of training. In recent research, researchers conducted the study with 200 participants and a nationally-representative survey of 1,000 other individuals. In the study, one group of individuals were tasked to recall their last experience of watching pornography. They chose not to expose participants directly to pornography due to ethical concerns. On the other hand, members of the control group were asked to recall their most recent experience of watching pornography. Both groups then asked to watch a dreary 10 minutes video consisting of a blue background with a monotone voice speaking with subtitles.

The result of the study concluded that about 21 percent of those who had recalled their last experience of viewing porn, did not finish watching the video but lied about it, whereas only 8 percent of those in the control group who recall their last experience, did not end the video but lied about it. The study shows that a 163 percent increase in shrinking work and lying for those who view pornography. The study also found that a rise in unethical behaviour is caused by an increased propensity to dehumanize others. Watching pornography increases the viewer’s tendency to see others as an object rather than seeing them as human. Researchers believe that the incidence of sexual harassment or hostile work environments is likely to increase with the increase in porn consumption; it also causes dehumanization.

The company should take strict action against employees who watch pornography in the office premises. It should take stern steps to reduce pornography consumption, which includes:  preventive control such as internet filters and blocking devices policies, charging penalty and hiring employees who are less likely to view pornography than others. The co-author of the study Lewis-Western also said that everyone cares about women, and this is also a severe issue. The research suggests that watching pornography at work by your manager; then women will be treated in negative ways.


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