Here we are going to share the news with you, that fans want to know about Aaiden Diggs’s mother. As we know always be curious to know about their favorites. They want to know everything about their life. So here is news coming a, that the rumors are spreading Chinese Kitty Trevon Diggs’ baby Mama.

Is Trevon Diggs Married To Baby Momma

However, this is just confusion but we will tell you everything. We see several rumors hit social media, this news can be one of them. So here we will share all the information, and we will clarify everything in this blog. You are on the right page to know all information. So let’s see if this rumor or true.

Is Trevon Diggs Married To Baby Momma?

We want to tell you, that Football Cornerback Trevon Diggs is 23 years old man, there is no clue about his marital status, But according to the sources, Chinese Kitty and Trevon Diggs were in a relationship in the past. Aaiden Diggs has stolen the show this season like no one elsewhere; he adorable himself to the HBO audience in Episode 3.

According to a report, Aiden Diggs is the son of Trevon Diggs, Cowboys cornerback. Let us tell you, he is the nephew of Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs. Chinese Kitty is not Aaiden’s mother. Further information we will give you in the below of the article.

As we have seen her post on social media, this post shows she is not a mother of Aadien. There are no such details about being the mother of baby Aaiden Diggs. Whereas She was in a relationship with Trevon Diggs, and their relationship won’t work nicely. After some, they decided to separate and they announced their breakup news to the public.

Trevon’s son Aiden Diggs, is a four years old boy who has put a smile on everyone who has seen his reaction while meeting Prescott. So this is clear She is not the mother of Aadien Diggs. If we talk about her she is a musician. She is a supporting cast member on Miami’s first Love and Hip Hop season. She is a Chinese- Guyanese socialite, rapper, and brand ambassador. She is from Queens, New York, and along with this, her mother’s name is Chinese Nicky.

So we have not so much information about their relationship, they never made any public appearance together. But according to the sources they had been dating for years, But their relationship was not successful. Sources say Chinese Kitty was linked with Aadien Diggs many of his fans believed that he was the baby Mama of Trevon. Stay connected for more updates.


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