Here we are sharing a piece of sad news with you that, Tre Melvin has left the world. This news is very sad for his loved ones. This news is creating a buzz on the web, people are curious to know about the news. This news is getting viral on the web in a speedy manner, people are discussing, what is the matter and what happened with him. So according to the reports, YouTube star Tremelvin was admitted to the hospital on Monday after a serious injury in a fatal car crash that killed his best friend, Catheria Pacheco-Mendoza. People are hitting the search engine to grab all the details about the news. Here are several things to tell you about the news, You will find them in the next section. Let’s continue the article.

tre melvin dead

Melvin, who has accumulated more than 3 million subscribers on Youtube, recently declared that he would be leaving the platform and launching his own subscription service, tremelvin. tv, to express his views on black issues without restrictions. Both he and Pacheco-Mendoza suffered brain damage in the accident according to a statement posted on the YouTube star’s Twitter handle. Several details remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section.

Is Tre Melvin Dead or Still Alive?

As per the report, “Trey and his girlfriend Catheria were in a fatal car collision on Monday Morning. Both are currently admitted to the hospital with injuries to the brain. Casey was unresponsive while Trey was well. Their families are asking for the prayers to send them, and blessings to fight the problems. You’ll come out stronger and stronger. That’s it,” the statement said.

Furthermore, Malvin later declared Pacheo Mendoza’s death on Twitter. “he survived a serious car accident. Not his best friend. He doesn’t think he has ever been this deaf. He wrote. Melvin told me the accident was hit and run. “To all who attacked us and ran away: Kathy is now an ancestor. She will take us to you,” he wrote. When a fan asked about his condition, Melvin replied that he was “fine physically.

Melvin Dead Cause of Death?

He said he was in a coma from the impact and his brain was bleeding but now the bleeding is stable. Our prayers and thoughts are with Melvin and the Pacheco-Mendoza family at this time. If we got any updates regarding this news we will tell you first at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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