Some rumors have surfaced on the internet claiming that TV host Phillip Schofield’s brother, Tim Schofield has been arrested. everyone knows that Phillip is a very famous and prominent TV personality who worked for a very long time. his popularity always touches the peak and he entertain everyone a lot.

Is Tim Schofield Arrested Case Updates

Currently, his name is surfacing on the internet because some rumors claimed that his brother has been arrested but any detail related to his arrest has not been officials revealed. The police also did not claim any important detail because his brother connected from a very prominent star of the industry.

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Is Tim Schofield Arrested?

Everyone knows that Phillip is a very popular star who worked in different shows. He also presents the British Soap Awards and ‘Dancing On Ice’. Many people waiting to know more information related to the arrest of Tim. Normally, Tim is well-known as the brother of prominent TV personality Phillip Schofield.

But, he is currently rumored to be in the custody. We are searching to know the official confirmation on this news but we haven’t get any yet. Talking about the charges, he is charged for child abuse as per The Sun.

So far, the authorities also hide the identity of the suspect because he is in relation with a very reputed TV personality. We are continuously searching to know any confirmation from the side of the family. According to the source, that man who is accused of sexual assault with a minor and everyone thinks that the man is Tim.

The sources also claimed that the criminal was arrested and he is currently in a guarded jail wing. Not only this, but some sources also claimed that Phillip is upset to hear about this news of his brother’s arrest.

But, we are waiting for the official confirmation as there is no official confirmed the news yet. The person who sexually abused a minor is supposed to be Tim Schofield but we are confirmed to this news. Many people thinking that the person is actually Tim and they start criticizing him on several social media platform.

Tim getting a huge hype because his brother Phillip Schofield is a very reputed and prominent TV personality who holds millions of fan following all over the world. You just need to stay connected with us to know more information related to the same incident.


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