The news of Tnathan Lokius Fairley arrest has come in front of everyone and many people continue talking about the incident when the TikToker was arrested. So, the news of his arrest is real and he was arrested on 6th June 2014 and released after serving two years on felony charges.

Tnathan Lokius Fairley

Many people have wondering to know the real reason behind his arrest. The searches to know what he did back in 2014 have been increased and many people today searching for his crime. Let us tell you that Nathan Fairley was a former member of the Mississippi Rising Coalition Board of Directors.

Is Tnathan Lokius Fairley Arrested?

Not only this, but he was very determined about his career and work. But, when everyone gets to know that he has a felony background, he was immediately removed from his position in 2018. Let us also tell you that Troy has served 22 months behind the bars in Florida because of the same charges.

On 6th June 2014, he was arrested and transferred to jail, and he was released on 3rd August 2016 and then he plans to live in Gulfport. The sad part of his life was that he was removed from his position when the officials get to know that he belongs to a felony background.

Troy knew that he was removed from the Mississippi Rising Coalition Board of Directors in 2018 through a video call on Facebook. He also shared a video in which he said “Hi, my name is Nathan Fairley, and I am a convicted felon.

I apologize to those who felt this was the greeting I should give you. If you want to judge me by my past, that’s your shorts. But if you want to judge me by what I’ve done since my past, maybe this would be a better prospect for all the worries”.

Let us also tell you that he is a very famous TikTok star who creates videos on TikTok and entertains everyone. Not only this, but he has contained 348.1k followers on his TikTok account, and everyone who knows about his past is supporting him for being removed from his position because of his past incident.

His videos are liked by tons of people and he continuously garnering lots of love from the watchers. In 2014, Tnathan Lokius Fairley was arrested on felony charges and released after serving a two-year sentence.


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