Melissa Viviane Jefferson better known as Lizzo is receiving some negative attention from the audience currently because of her latest video on Tik Tok. Well, we can’t say that this is a negative comment but some fans are sharing their negative review over the video. Just because of her latest Tik Tok video, the fans wonder if she is gay.

lizzo gay

The singer is a well-known celebrity and known for her amazing songs. She has never been afraid to share some updates of her life with her fans and fans are wondering if Lizzo shared some truth about her relationship.

Is Singer Lizzo Gay?

The recent video was posted on Tik Tok after Lizzo expressed her love for actor Chris Evans through her Tik Tok video. After this, the fans got to know that the singer had a crush on an actor and soon, it became a hot topic on social media. A 33-years-old singer known for her singing, and songwriting among fans but she is also a rapper, flutist, and actress. The news of her relation came out when the actress took the support of her Tik Tok account to share one amazing video among followers. So, let’s check out the reality behind the video.

As per the sources, the actress posted a video on her Tik Tok account along with singer Sophia Eris. They both can be seen having fun together as they danced to Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg’s song California Girls. The fans loved and enjoyed the video but the caption of the singer left confused many fans. Later, the video posted on Twitter and then, it captured a huge attention of the fans around the world.

Lizzo Tik Tok Video Explored!

The singer wrote,” I finally get to introduce Y’all to the love of my life”. Along with this, Lizzo also tagged singer Sophia Eris in the caption and put a heart emoji. It did not take much time to move to Sophia’s Tik Tok account to find out more about them. In Sophia’s page, there are just post and both posts features Lizzo.

Some of the fans are believing that she is gay but we want to just clear to every reader that No, Lizzo is not gay. There is an interview of Lizzo with Variety in which she revealed that she was heterosexual. Most of the people are spreading this kind of rumors on social media and we request to our fans to not to share or believe on this rumours.


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