Sienna Friar is one of the prominent topics all over the internet. Sienna Friar is 15 years old British girl who has gone missing. This news went viral on social media and has become a topic among netizens. This article offers detailed information about the missing person. This news is gaining huge attention from people. Thus news making a buzz on social media, everyone is hitting the search bar to know about the news. Here we have more information about the news, so please read the complete article.

Is Sienna Friar Dead or Still Alive

According to the authorities, she was last seen leaving her residence deal near Heatfileld at spherical around 5:55 PM on 27th April 2021, Tuesday. A missing complaint had been filed by the family of the girl and they started a quick investigation. The team later announced information wherein they shared that the girl was driven away in a hatchback car of black colour. It is being assumed that the transport was from 2019 – 2016 Ford Kia. as well as, the investigation is hoping that the girl traveled to Brighton since the day she missed.

Is Sienna Friar Dead or Still Alive?

The investigation team had bent over backward to search for the girl and after many hard attempts, the police officer managed to find Sienna. There are no details available on how the investigation team discovered the girl. Some of the reports claim those police authorities started an online campaign to find the girl and post her photo on several social media platforms which proved beneficial and with the help of the campaign authorities discovered the girl. Recently, Sienna Friar is at Surrey and she is completely safe and sound might along with her family.

The expedition has been begun by law enforcement after a few weeks when Sienna had been missing on 4 th May 2021 by Wealden Police Department. Sienna Friar is 15 years old so far and she will be turned off 16 in the ongoing year. She is a 5’4″ tall slim girl with shoulder-length brown hair. Her lips and nose are pierced.

Where Is Sienna Friar?

when she went missing that time she was wearing denim and trousers and a black short jacket and a black Nike cap. She was also carrying a small bag when seen last. The police authorities have not disclosed any kind of personal details about the girl including the information about her parents. Here we have shared all the information which we had. Stay tuned for more updates.


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