There are lots of rumors and hoax have been circulating on social media and all these rumors relate to some popular celebrities of the industry. Anything can be viral on social media within a few hours or days. Currently, there is another name coming out of the social media about popular television singer, Sasha Allen who is a current participant in the television singing show competition “The Voice” season 21.

Is Sasha Allen Trangender

He has worked on numerous projects and gained massive respect around the world. Along with his father, Jim Allen also participated in the NBC competition show. Since they appear in the show, the duo of father-son receives a good response from the coaches. Well, they gained huge fame because of their talent on the world’s biggest singing platform.

In the show, they both are in Ariana’s team. When people found about his surgery, he gained more responses as well and became a topic of discussion. Now, the singer has come into another disgusting question that is he transgender? Some of his pictures have gone viral on social media and because of this, there are some rumors creating that is Sasha Allen is transgender or not? Many fans are curious to know about Sasha Allen. Now, we are going to clear all the doubts through this article that why these rumors are circulating on social media.

Is Sasha Allen Trangender?

According to the sources, Sasha Allen was born as a boy but later, he changed his sexuality. He revealed this in his introduction video before competing in the blind audition. However, it was not easy to accept this. He faced uncountable struggles with his identity for a long time as he was afraid to face his teachers and students but luckily, there were few teachers and other students who understood him and helped him to deal with the conditions.

Along with this, the singer came ahead to disclose his sexuality through a post on his Instagram account on October 25, 2021, and disclosed his identity to the audience. Sasha’s family including his father, Jim Allen also supported and during his career in “The Voice”. He represented himself on the stage of the American singing show “The Voice”.

Sasha is a rising star of the industry who is gaining a massive fan following across the world because of his pleasant voice. It has been clear that singer Sasha Allen is transgender. He is a high school student and must be around 17 to 23 years of age currently. With this, the singer has a relationship with whom he loves to post his pictures. Most of things are yet to revealed about his personal life but our sources are trying to search about him.


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