There is news that can make you curious about Tim Drake who is getting trend after the news about his sexuality. The latest issues see Robin reassessing his life, leading fans to ask “is Tim Drake bisexual?”. Currently, there are millions of fans waiting for an update on the topic. The comic is going to release on August 10, 2021. Here is the complete news and know all the details briefly.


As per the latest series where DC shows a Big Reveal in Batman. On the basis of current news and available sources. Yes, it appeared in the series that Tim drake is bisexual. People enjoyed the series and no doubt the series has made amazing attention among the audience. Tim Drake is in the focusing role and due to his character in the story everyone became curious to know, is Tim Drake really bisexual or not?

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Is Tim Drake bisexual?

He goes to see an “old friend” in the next panels he is seen dressed up and he says to himself “why am I so nervous? It’s fine, you haven’t seen him in a while but he’s still the same guy”

According to the details DC Batman Comic has achieved huge ratings from worldwide fans. They have numerous comments as well with lots of love. The popular character Tim Drake has achieved. Now let’s start to know some more details like who is Tim Drake.

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Tim Drake is a Superhero character of a DC comic and commonly appearing in Batman. So far it was noticeable that the Tim Drake of Batman is a fan favorite and has a separate audience around the world.

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Drake has marvelous action scenes in the recently released Comic. You can watch the upcoming release on the regular platform. When the details about the platform are disclosed we will update the information immediately.


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