As per the latest news, Digga D’s name is going viral because of something which is trending on Twitter. Yes, we are talking about Digga D whose name is getting linked to the trading matter on Twitter. A report says that the rapper Digga D reportedly stabbed in Dubai.

Is Digga D Dead Or Alive

People thought this rumour was true because the rapper is in Dubai right now. Here is the complete information that you should know about and get the full updates on the matter.

Is Rapper Digga D Dead Or Alive?

The news has been circulating on Twitter and when people get started knowing about it, they started looking for brief detail. Currently, there are many details available and you should know about them.

When you watch the viral content in which the people saying that he is Digga D rapper stabbing someone. The content went viral within a few moments. The picture is beyond the expectation and you can see it below.

The girl who is appeared in the video has been identified. As per the details, she is Tennessee Thresher who is also in Dubai. She has shared the Instagram story on her Instagram handle on November 28, 2021. However, she has not yet commented on the rumor. While on the other side, Digga also did not share any statement on the rumor and removed his profile picture also.


Is Digga D Arrested?

The most recent update from the Dubai Police says that they have arrested the rapper who is an artist in the UK and he is 21 years old. He was arrested as per the rules of Dubai. The police said in this matter that he was arrested because he breached the criminal behavior order. He was also attacked in prison back in 2019.

Digga D’s relationship information is not available completely on the internet. Most probably it is yet to be updated here. We are looking for the information and will add many more things in the upcoming days. There are many things which is important to know about them.


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