An American personality and well-known entrepreneur, Randy Jackson always remains everyone’s favorite. A 65-years-old who is best known for his appearances as the longest-serving judge of the popular singing show American Idol has left everyone shocked after his sudden health condition. Fans are concerned about the health condition of the American personality. His presence on the second season of “Name That Tune’s” celebrity has become a topic among his fans and loved ones. On March 29, 2022, it was the day for a brand new season premiere of FOX’s show. The premiere of the show grabbed the attention of the audience with the hour-long episode, which was hosted by Jane Krakowski who is a Tony Award winner.

Is Randy Jackson Sick

Now, fans are getting worried about the health condition of Randy Jackson after they saw this episode. Since the episode appeared, many fans are taking on social media concerning the health of the American musician. The star that appeared in the show sat in the right place behind the piano has lost a lot of weight and now, it has become a big concern among his fans across the world. As a result of his body transformation, many are thinking that he suffered from health complications in the last recent days.

Is Randy Jackson Sick?

According to the updates, many fans are taking social media like Twitter to be concerned about health conditions. A Twitter user wrote,” Is Randy Jackson terminally ill! His appearance was shocking #AmericanIdol”. While, the other tweet reads,” Is Randy Jackson sick?”, ” Is Randy Jackson okay! He doesn’t look very healthy”. As per the sources, fans found that the judge from American Idol had type 2 diabetes back in 2003.

Those who knew about this had talked about how the diagnosis made him feel, how hard it was for him to heal from this disease? Lots of questions have been raised on the Internet which is creating some serious concerns among fans. Well, it took a long time for Jackson to learn how to deal with these such problems. Now, Jackson has made a big change in his lifestyle and his mindset.

Randy Jackson Health Update

During an interview, he told to a health magazine,” As soon as I was diagnosed, I learned a lot about the disease very quickly”. Most of the fans have still confused regarding to his health condition and want to know the reason behind his weight loss. Well, the artist said that he had a weight loss surgery that even helped him to lose about 100 pounds. Later, he went on a diet which resulted was shown on the American Idol stage.


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