Several social media outlets covered the news of the arrest of a Texas Teacher named Randi Chaverrai. The news of her arrest was actually shocking as it is very difficult to accept that a teacher was charged with sexual offenses. After the news hit the internet, it spread all over very fast. Along with it, netizens always keep themselves alert to react to such types of news.

Is Texas Teacher Randi Chaverria Arrested

There were uncounted opinions of netizens surfaced on the internet in which everyone criticized the teacher for doing such offenses with a student. Here, you will get to know the complete detail of the incident that put a teacher behind the bars.

Is Randi Chaverria Arrested?

Let us tell you that the teacher was arrested back in 2019 for an inappropriate relationship with a student. Not only this but she is also involved in a sexual relationship with the same student. She was a 36-year-old Round Rock High School family and consumer science teacher.

Her full name is Randi Chavarria and she was accused of kissing a student in his class. But, the school administration received the news of an illegitimate relationship between a teacher and a student, she had already elected to leave the school.

The incident when she was performing fellatio on the student was first noticed on 18th November. After that, HR called Chavarria the next morning of Tuesday on 19th November. When she came in, she offered her resignation to HR. She later took herself to Williamson County Jail, where she was charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

But, she was released on bond. Talking about the crime, she could be jailed for more than 20 years but at the moment there is no update related to her case. Along with it, any update on her whereabouts is also not available yet.

Let us also tell you that she was awarded the title of Teacher of The Year before her arrest. Along with it, she was also honored for her great achievements in the classroom as well. She is 36 years old when she was taken into custody but her real date of birth is not yet available on the internet.

Now, the case of her relationship with a student again surfacing on the internet and she is getting attention from people. So far, people are searching to know the whereabouts of Randi Chaverrai but there is no information available on the internet.


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