Recently, Former Pakistan bowler expert Shoaib Akhtar again appeared in the limelight because of a moment that happened in an interview. The famous cricketer again hits the headlines and becomes a talkative topic for the netizens. Along with Shoaib Akhtar, the host of Pakistan news channel Nauman Niaz has also been coming in front of everyone.

ptv crazy

On Thursday night, a verbal spat took place between former Pakistan pacer Shoaib and Nauman. Now, the incident went viral on social media and a number of people are searching to know what actually happened on the stage of Pakistan News Channel PTV.

Is PTV Crazy or What?

After the spat took place, Shoaib slammed the TV channel for hiring such a person in the company and the off-air inquiry is also completed related to the on-air spat between both personalities. Let us also tell you that The Rawalpindi Express termed the channel decision and said that he had resigned in front of 220 million Pakistanis. After hearing this, Akhtar replied to PTV “Well that’s hilarious. I resigned in front of 220 million Pakistanis & billions across the world. Is PTV crazy or what? Who are they to off-air me?”.

Now, many netizens continuously talking about the incident that happened with Akhtar and Niaz. Let us tell you that Akhtar and Niaz had a rift during PTV’s special telecast ‘Game on Hai’ after Pakistan’s win over New Zealand in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

The trouble apparently started when Akhtar was asked by the show’s host Niaz if Pakistan had made a mistake in the chase against New Zealand. Akhtar did not agree and ignored the line of inquiry by the host and instead decided to talk about pacer Haris Rauf.

After that, Akhtar further said, “This is the guy who deserves all the credit. It was Lahore Qalanders who gave us Haris Rauf”. In reply to him, the host of the show Niaz said “You’re being a little rude and I don’t want to say this, but if you’re being over smart, you can go.

I am saying this on-air”. Now, the incident became one of the most talkative topics and a number of people continuously talk about the matter that happened between Shoaib Akhtar and Nauman Niaz. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to the trending topics.


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