Many big personalities have captured huge attention on social media due to many controversies and reasons. In recent days, we have seen several popular personalities circulating on the Internet, and once again, a popular model and actress have gained the attention of the audience due to her disturbing video which is circulating on the Internet.

patty breton arrested

The Baywatch (1989) actress Patty Breton has made everyone shocked after her flight video went viral on social media and currently, the video is going more viral as wildfire. So, let’s check out something new in the viral video.

Playboy Model Patty Breton Arrested?

According to the sources, a woman captured in a video where she is slapping a passenger aboard a Delta flight last week. Many people have faced jail or been charged with fines despite being a popular personalities, many celebrities charged because of their misbehaving.

Well, the ex-playboy model and protagonist of “Baywatch” faced some accusations of beginning a fight onboard a Delta Airlines flight that was landed in Atlanta.

The entire accident has been recorded in the footage which was later posted on social media. The video shows an actress asking an older male passenger to mask up and not only this but she slapped him too.

According to the sources, Patricia Cornwall is a real name of Patty Breton who is the former Baywatch actress and Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader who is also called the “Delta Karen” for her alleged behavior on a flight that landed in Atlanta. Along with this, she got this name because of her video where she slapped an older age passenger after demanding him to wear a mask and also, was comparing herself to Rosa Parks.

Maybe, it was all matter of a viral video. The incident began with her in a passenger plane where she asked the older age person to wear a mask and later, the normal conversation turned into a heated argument where she slapped him in front of everyone. Along with this, the staff was also trying to calm her down in the plane.

Who Is Patty Breton?

A federal criminal complaint filed in Georgia detailed the fracas that erupted on a flight from Tampa to Atlanta on Thursday, December 23, 2021. The fellow passenger told her to sit down Karen.

While the court documents said that Cornwall spent her Christmas behind the bars and also made her first appearance+ in court on Monday, December 27, 2021. Later, she was released on an unsecured $20,000 bond.

Patty Breton is an actress who is popular for her role in Baywatch (19890, Married… with Children in 1987, and Playboy: Cheerleaders in 1997. All the details were revealed by her IMDb profile. Along with this, she is also popular by the name Patty Cornwall on Facebook. Patty is an ex Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader.

Because of her amazing beauty and boldness, she captured the big attention of the people, and now, the actress has become another reason of fame among the fans. Stay tuned with us to know more updates.


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