Recently, a video has gone viral on the internet in which a girl named Patricia Cornwall taking lots of attention. The girl was the attendee of Delta Airlines who misbehaved with an old man. Now, the girl has appearing slapping and spitting on the face of an old man.

is patricia cornwell arrested

Let us also tell you that the incident took place on Thursday, 23rd December 2021. In the video, we can clearly see that the woman was scolding the old guy for taking off his mask while drinking and eating. This video has been shared by millions of people on social media, which was filmed by a co-traveler on a flight.

Is Patricia Cornwall Arrested?

After the video of the flight has gone viral on social media, there are lots of people reacting to the misbehaving activities by the woman towards an old man. As all of us know that precautions for the virus are mandatory in our daily life but the woman has been violating all the rules and spitting on the face of an old man because the man has taken off his mask. The woman who is depicted in this video has gone viral with an enraged woman being called ‘Karen’.

Actually, her name is Patricia Cornwall, who was on a Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta. Many people on social media explored the woman for misbehaving with the old man. People are remarking that the woman did this only for engagement because she did not actually put a mask on her face when she was berating the old man.

According to some social media users, it makes no sense when the old man has to take off the mask to drink and eat on the flight. Later, the woman loses her anger and starts arguing with the old man.

Why Was Delta Flight Passenger Arrested

In this video when Patricia Cornwell unexpectedly loses her temper and is concealed by the old guy. He repeatedly demanded the man to put on his mask in a rigid manner without listening to his cause. Even as she was speaking to the guy, she had to lower her mask.

When things didn’t go as she wished she turned fierce and the argument diverted into heavy violence when Cornwall slapped the old man and spat in his face. The video of the woman has been getting viral on the internet and many people continuously trolling her for her misbehaving with the old man.


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