Papa Jim, who was an Internet sensation and mostly, everyone’s favorite grandpa, has gone from this world peacefully. Yes, the popular celebrity on social media who is better known as Papa Jim by his fans and loved ones sadly passed away at the age of 92. According to the sources, the news of his death was confirmed by YouTuber Danny Duncan who often featured Papa in his viral videos and shared it on Youtube and other social media handles. While writing this, Jim’s family did not share much details about his death but the rumors are speculating that he died due to his health-related complications.

is papa jim dead or still alive

Since the news of his death was confirmed, fans across the world are mourning the passing of Papa Jim. Danny Duncan took Instagram to announce the passing of Jim, he wrote,” Thank you for all the laughs and unforgettable memories. I love you papa Jim RIP”. Many fans are taking social media to pay tribute and express their deep condolence to his family who is going through a difficult time. At the time of his death, Papa Jim was 92 years old. The news was confirmed through Instagram on May 12, 2022. Danny also shared a series of pictures with the elderly prankster.

Is Papa Jim Dead or Still Alive?

Before the confirmation, the hoaxes started to appear on social media that Papa Jim has passed away but no one was believing as assumed it is a hoax. Later, it was confirmed by Danny Duncan that Papa Jim has passed away, and then, several fans took social media to mourn his passing. Many are also thinking about the relationship between Danny Duncan and Papa Jim and wants to know the relationship between them. Well, let us tell you that Papa Jim was an Internet personality known for his antics on Danny Duncan’s Youtube videos.

It could be skinny dipping, he always added an edge to it. Finding their close bond, many thought that Danny and Papa Jim were related but it was not true. According to the sources, Papa Jim was the grandparent of Danny’s close friend David Tomchinsky who works as an Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager for Duncan’s brand. After Danny’s official post, many tributes and condolence appeared in the comment section of Danny’s post.

How Did Papa Jim Die?

A post reads,” Long Live Papa Jim absolute legend this man was so sad to see”. Many condolences can be seen on social media those are giving tributes to Papa Jim. It is hardened to accept that he has gone from this world. His fans will always miss him.


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