There is another shocking news that came to our knowledge that new Orleans rapper Kyyngg was arrested over multiple charges. He is a 26-year-old artist and popular around the world. There are many things that we going to tell you briefly.

is rapper kyyngg arrested

The arrest news of the rapper made everyone shocked and people looked out for updates regarding this news. If you want to know all the information they must be you will know about it and get all the details.

Is New Orleans Rapper Kyyngg Arrested?

Rapper Kyyngg informed his 241k followers about his arrest and shared the details that he is arrested over multiple charges. But now he has come out of Jail after paying the penalty of $900,000. After getting the knowledge that he paid such a huge amount everyone person is shocked. The rapper addressed his well-wisher stating that he will be home soon.

The news of his arrest was revealed through his Instagram page on December 14, 2021. He told his fans that he was detained for multiple charges but now he has paid the amount of the penalty. The rapper is being held on a $900,000 bond. Kyyngg has received 9 different charges with charge being set for a $100,000 bond.

Talking about the charges then we want to tell you that he was arrested for several charges including the possession of schedule II, possession of illegal weapons, possession of stolen goods, possession of drugs, and the selling of illegal drugs. Not for the first time, the rapper has been suffered legal problems when he have been shot by his own brother.

Rapper Kyyngg Over Multiple Charges Case Updates

According to available details, his real name is Kailu Laroy James and he started his career in the music industry in the year 2016. So far he has achieved many achievements which is seriously appreciable. He made such brilliant songs and the huge fan following is the result of his hard work and talent in the music industry.

Talking about his popular song then we want to tell you that he went extremely popular after the song ‘Big Ole Racks’ and ‘Drip’. He was born on August 13th 1995 and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a father of 3 children.

Discussing his relationship ten we want to tell you that he is in a relationship with @lifewithkaymello. The celebrity Kyyung who have a million-dollar net worth is now going viral because of this legal matter


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