A horrifying video of a teen is going viral over the internet. Yes, it is something that would make you curious to know about it. It is the most shocking video ever where a teenage girl is reacting weirdly and doing unusual expressions. Reportedly the name has been found and she is Millie Taplin. She is 18 years old. The Millie Taplin viral video has been uploaded by her mother Claire Taplin. Here is the information that you want to know about the news and along with it, we will try to explore all the hidden things related to the video.

Mom Shares Horrifying Video

In the available video clip on the internet, you can see Millie Taplin in unusual things. She is “possessed” with clawed hands and locked jaw, as she writhes on her bed in an incoherent state. Her mother Claire Taplin has told the media that she never sees Mallie in a condition like this.

Claire also mentioned that she also wants to know the reason. As per our knowledge, it may be a result of some dangerous drug or any other thing. Although the medical report is yet to come.

On the basis of available information, the whole incident happened at Moo Moo Clubrooms in Southend-on-Sea. It is the nightclub that was started in 2018. Recently, this club also shared a complaint regarding drinks that being spiked in the past as well. Even in the year 2019, there were four women in the same club who also suffered problems after spiking this drink.

Clarie Taplin is working with NHS and using her intelligence, she shared the picture and videos on social media. Also, she is aware of everyone about the incident and mentioned that her daughter is lucky to have good friends who control the situation. Even Mallie Taplin’s friends helped her & reacted accordingly.

Now the question has arisen and is raised by millions of people in netizens. People asking that is Mallie Taplin Ok? so as the answer to this question, we want to tell you some details about her current condition. Currently, Mallie has recovered. Now far better than the recent condition.

The treatment given by doctors has worked very well. Even Mallie has shared her statement after feeling better “I don’t ever want to go through that again. It was horrible,” she said.


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