Here we are sharing a piece of shocking news, that Manassas shotting victim, Mary Anne Smoot, dies in an apartment in Manassas after getting shot numerous times. This news is flashing all across the Internet on various social media sites. This incident is very shocking and scary for the people. We see much news on the web which circulates at high speed and this news is one of them.

who is manassas shooting victim

People are wondering about this incident, they are curious to know the actual reason behind her death. Here are several things for telling, you are on the right page for getting the right information. We will try to cover all the important points in this article. Let’s continue the article. Keep Reading.

Is Maquan Omari McCray Arrested?

According to the news, Middle-aged woman Mary Anne Smoot got calamitous shot in a Manassas apartment in a grisly shooting. On the basis of the available report, Anne was unconscious at the crime scene and attempted to provide first assistance. Nevertheless, it was inadequate, as the medics declared her dead shortly after.

As per information, Smoot went to the apartment complex with a family member to speak with the supposed defendant Maquan Omari McCray. Companion knew McCray personally. Maquan Omari McCray, who is the suspect is yet on the loose and has not been arrested yet.

Speaking, Maquan had immediately the place after shooting Anne. There is no solid information on what was happened there, and which car he utilized to getaway. Investigators tried everything to find McCay right away, but they were unsuccessful to do so. The authorities even used Police K-9s and helicopters to locate him.

Who is Mary Anne Smoot?

According to the sources, Maquan Omari McCray’s appearance is a black man who is 5 feet 7 inches (173.736cm) and weighs 160 pounds (72.54748 Kg). If anyone gets to know about his current location is requested to inform the police department at 703-792-6500. The police are trying their entire efforts to find him. Police are searching for a young Bristow man in connection with the Monday shooting death of a 37-years old Anne.

Marry Anne’s family is depressed after her death. They are facing a tragic time. We pray for her family, that God gave strength to fight this sorrowful time. We have shared all the details in this article which we have. In the future, we get anything about this news we will share it with you first at the same site. Stay connected for more updates.


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