Here we will tell you about Kenya Suzuki, is he arrested or not. Kenya Suzuki is well known for his work on the Gal to Tsukiacchatta Anthology. He is also a novelist and painter. There we will talk about, are these rumours or reality. He is a well-known person among the people.

Is Kenya Suzuki Arrested

But the news is coming that he is arrested. Let’s find out the mess. what is the allegation on him?  Why are that rumors spreading on the internet?  Here we will give you all the information regarding this news, his arrest, allegations, and other things.

Is Kenya Suzuki Arrested?

According to the reports, He was recently apprehended on blames of breaching the law by importing forbidden products.  Yes, this is the right information the creator of “please Tell Me Galko” Kenya Suzuki is arrested. According to the report, manga artist Kenya Suzuki was arrested by the Aichi prefectural police in linkage with the Child Pornography Case.

Kenya imported pornography from Germany, Which is a violation of Japan’s custom act. Sources are saying, he received six photo collections Via international mail on two progressive occasions, in the last year of September and  October.

After the news broke out on the internet, people are shocked and they started posting on Twitter and other social media platforms. He was ultimately found, according to manga author Battan, who afterward updated the page to add that Suzuki had been recovered. Several of the users were shocked to know that he did it, and it is hard to believe for them.

According to the police,  Kenya Suzuki, a 40 years old manga creator accused of possessing child pornography. Suzuki is told to have claimed before his arrest that he was delicate to obtain nude photographs of foreign youngsters that were not available in Japan.

Suzuki’s residence was raided by officials, who reportedly recovered 46 books and magazines, including child pornography. As we no know Child sexual abuse is one of the most atrocious crimes in our society, as well as one of the most visible. A single false of pedophilia or child sexual abuse can completely destroy a person’s life.

so, if Kenya committed this crime, then he must serve time in prison and suffer all pedophilia-related penalties. He will have to face several problems due to this allegation. Let’s see what will happen with him. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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