Here we are sharing shocking news with you that, John Simpkins is currently in Police custody. It is very shocking news for the public. Let us tell you, John Simpkins is a police officer Serving in the Tampa Police Department. He has been taken under custody by the police department.

Is John Simpkins Arrested

Johan Simpkin’s age is around his 30s. His accurate age is not confirmed publicly. But he is likely in his 30s. Here we will give you all the details of the case. What is the matter and why is he in police custody, you are on the right page for knowing all the information.

Is John Simpkins Arrested?

As we have told you John Simpkins is the police officer serving in the Tampa Police Department. Police have taken him in the custody for his involvement in domestic violence. John committed the assault on December 23. He was off duty when the crime happened; After the report was submitted against him, he was taken custody on Monday at around 11 am.

But victim identity has not been revealed by police. There has been a mystery surrounding the victim. Nobody knows who got assaulted by the off-duty police officer and about the severity of the injury. John is currently on administrative leave due to his battery charge.

As we know John is taken in custody, and no update has been given after that so it can be expected that he is fine over there and possibly meeting his attorney who can get him out. That was Domestic violence, Supposedly that he assaulted someone from his family. As we have to observe, In many domestic violence cases, the wife is assaulted, So the victim can be Jhon’s wife. But there is no confirmation. We can’t say anything solidly.

Why Was Tampa Police Officer Arrested?

According to the sources, His wife is a victim. People are wondering what the reason violence was constituted. Here are many questions, have not been answered is who got assaulted and why. People are interested to know the cause behind Jhon’s activity. according to the sources, A court will decide an accurate jail sentence for John Simpkins if he is found guilty.

It can be speculated that he is probable to receive one year in prison a $1000 fine, or one-year probation. But the punishment will be decided by the judge and jury. Interim police Chief Ruben Delgado has come before and said that the Tampa Police Department takes domestic violence as a serious crime, so they will be aiding the victim.


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