The trend of headlines can never stop under any circumstances and today another star is making headlines. So, we are providing some important details for thousands of people are searching on the internet. Jay Barker is the person who appears in the tweets of Twitter users and numerous people talking about him.

Is Jay Barker Locked Up In Jail?

So, he come into the limelight after he got arrested in Nashville. Some sources claimed that he was arrested on 15th January 2022. As per the reports, he was charged with a felony as well as domestic violence. Now, many people are eager to know more information about this case.

Is Jay Barker Locked Up In Jail?

Let us tell you that Jay Barker is a former Alabama quarterback and he was arrested in Nashville early Saturday morning over domestic violence. He is being held in Davidson County on a $10,000 bond for assault with a deadly weapon. Talking about his personal life, his full name is Harry Jerome Barker.

Let us also tell you that he was released on Saturday Night from the hold after submitting the bond. So far, any detail related to this case has not come to the fore from the side of player as well as authorities.

Let us tell you that we are continuously waiting to get some key details related to this case. Also, the former player is now the host of a sports radio talk show in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a very famous player but now getting much attention from the audience because of some charges.

Why Was Former Alabama QB Jay Barker Arrested

He has been arrested for domestic violence. So far, the player has been released after submitting a bond of $10,000. Now, if you want to know some more details related to this case, we will fetch all the details when we get any information related to this arrest news.

Neither Jay Barker nor Sarah Evans is speaking anything about their divorce. It was believed that the couple was living merrily until news of Barker’s domestic abuse broke out, leaving their fans confused. Barker was Evans’ second husband after a messy divorce from her first partner, Craig Schelske. The couple was presented by Pastor Joe Beam, from whom Evans sought advice during their public divorce.

Now, his name has been trending on different social media platforms because he was arrested for domestic violence. We will update further details related to this matter and you have to stay connected with us.


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