Iyabo Oko is in the trends and people want to know all the information about her. As per the report, Iyabo Oko is the biggest name in the trend and people want to know if she is dead or alive. She is the  veteran actress Sidikat Odukanwi, popularly known as Iyabo Oko. Here is the complete information related to the news.

Is Iyabo Oko alive or dead

On the basis of the report, the popular Nigerian star Iyabo is dead. But there is a big twist in the information that she is alive. This comes after Oko was previously deemed to have passed away but came back alive three hours later. She is 62 years old and the Nollywood actress responded to the news.

Is Iyabo Oko Dead or Alive?

On the basis of the information, we want to share with you that her daughter Aisha took to Instagram on Wednesday night. she wrote. The following morning, however, she updated the post to say, “Wonderful being, she moved her hand after being confirmed dead three hours ago. God, we will forever praise your holy name.”

Yoruba Actress Sidikat Odukanmi Death Hoax

Now talking about personal details then we want to tell you that she began her education at Oke-Ola Primary School, low in Osun State before relocating to Port Harcourt, her father’s base. As per the details, her father was an active soldier in the Nigerian army.

After the news of her death fans went in mourn and shared the condolence to the family but hours later when the update came and fans got the news that she is alive. All the fans became happy to listen to the update that she is alive and not dead. Now all the people praying blessings for her and praying for her wellness.

She earned very well and achieved lots of things. Talking about the net worth then we want to inform you that there are no such details available right now related to her net worth and when the exact net worth comes to our knowledge. Then we will tell you briefly about it. For further information, you can bookmark the website in your browser and get all the information.


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