Is George Yzaguirre dead? Suicide After Double Homicide And Jennifer Meyers Story: This news is getting viral after people came to know about this news. People are searching for this news on the internet. So we come with detailed information on this news. This news is all about George Yzguiree who killed his two friends in 2019 and after that, he killed himself in the prison. If you wondering why this case is now getting trending so this case was investigated by the discovery channel and they find the cause of his death. We have mentioned the whole news in the next section so have a look at this news. Follow More Updates On

George Yzaguirre

Is George Yzaguirre dead?

George Yzguriee was just 37 years old at the time of his death. This news states with when he killed his two friends and he stabbed them more than 70 times in their body and killed them. He went to prison for this murder. Kent County Court called him a monster as he killed his friends and when they die he didn’t stop stabbing them in their bodies. That was the horrible incident that took place and everyone got shocked. The court gave him to prison for two years as he commits that he did the crime.

The three friends know each other for a long time but Yzguiree got upset when his friend Isner told him a secret and after that, he made a plan to kill him so he wait for his bedtime. He killed him and left his body in a public place that was closed to Wilson venue NW and Lake Michigan Drive. His family registered a missing complaint about him and police found the culprit and because of him, they came to know about his dead body. The second was killed by him in his apartment. His dead body was found in Pinegate Village and his body near South 76th Street.

When he was in the prison he did suicide in the prison after staying in jail for more than seven months. On 3rd July Sunday at 9 pm the discovery investigation channel took this case to know the cause of those poor two friends. This program will search & investigate this case the episode is available on Discovery+. Jennifer Meyers is the ex-wife of  Yzaguirre and she expressed her gratitude as her husband did that crime. She said she could be the next victim if he didn’t go to prison. Stay connected with us for more latest information.


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