The Chilean politician, Gabriel Boric is set to become the youngest ever president of Chile. He is elected the next president of Chile on Sunday after a bruising campaign against a free-market firebrand likened to Donald Trump. He achieved the victory from 90 per cent of the polling station where Gabriel Boric got 56 per cent of the votes while his opponent, lawmaker Jose Antonio Kast got 44 per cent of the total votes.

Is Gabriel Boric Gay?

Gabriel Boric is just 35-years-old and achieved this victory on Sunday. He is a leader who represents the leftist ideology and also was a former student leader. He has the full support of the LGBTQ community.

He believed that love could be made between any two individuals so, the restriction should not be executed using conventional thoughts. Jose Antonio Kast tweeted a photo of him with his opponent and congratulated him on his grand victory as the supporters of Gabriel Boric gathered in downtown Santiago to celebrate the victory of Boric.

Along with this, the outgoing President Sebastian Pinera organized a video conference call with Boric to congratulate him on his victory. Well, after his victory was announced, Boric has become a part of some rumors. He is one of the youngest politicians in the world.

Is Gabriel Boric Gay?

As the victory of the election inclined towards Gabriel Boric, rumours and speculations of Boric started to increase on the Internet. However, it is rumouring on social media that the young leader is gay but let us clear to you that Gabriel Boric is not gay as he is a straight man.

He is living with his beautiful lady. Maybe, the rumours started to appear on social media because of his strong support for the LGBTQ community. People need to understand that supporting these communities doesn’t always mean that you are also one of them but it is important to understand that what is right?

This is the only point that makes him different from his opponent Jose Antonio Kast who just believed that marriage is a holy knot that could be tied between a man and woman. Well, the victory of Gabriel Boric shows that something is about to change in the population of Chilean.

Who is Gabriel Boric Life Partner/Wife?

According to the sources, he is not married but living with his domestic partner. They have been together for a long time and support each other in the arduous presidential election process. Her partner, Pareja Irina Karamanos is 32-years-old who is a social scientist. They both describe each other as a companion in politics and life.

Irina also said that before the results of the election, he had given everything and he has nothing to fear but he achieved the love and support of his supporters. For her, Gabriel is a perfect match who can understand everything about her. But due to some rumors, it could also destroy someone’s images.



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