The founder of The Felecia Killings Foundation, and CEO of the Conscious Black Conservative Movement, Felecia Killings has become a topic on social media. Since morning, the name of the CEO has been circulating on several social media platforms because of her current situation.

Why Was Felecia Killings Arrested

According to the sources, the rumors are surfing on social media that Felecia Killings has been arrested for her past misconduct which happened 10 years ago. It seems that the hoaxes or rumors have been taking place on social media and capturing the huge attention of the audience. If you want to know each and every single detail of Felecia, keep reading this article.

Is Felecia Killings Arrested?

As per the sources, the founder of the Felecia Killings Foundation is an Award-Winning Coach. Recently, she is serving in an online business and virtual ministry. She is also a social worker. Along with this, she is the CEO of The Felecia Killings Foundation, LLC and also the founder and visionary of the conscious conservation movement and media network as well.

Now, the founder has come into the limelight of discussing her arrest that happened years ago in 2012. Now, the reports of this incident is coming out of the paper once again and circulating on social media.

Who Is Felecia Killings?

According to the sources, Felecia was born on March 11, 1983.  She is a former High School English teacher and since 2019, he is a principal in Conscious Conservative Movement. Well, she is a happily married woman but the details of her husband are not disclosed yet. Felecia Killings is a 38-years-old woman who is living with her beautiful family including her daughter.

Felecia got pregnant at the age of 29 and now, the couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter. Felecia’s daughter, Aaliyah Amore is 9-years-old. She has her own Wikipedia where some information are mentioned related to her life.

Why Did Felecia Arrest? What Did She Do?

Currently, Felecia’s name is circulating on Twitter because of her past incident that took place in 2010. Felecia is currently facing her charges in Solano County prison. As per the sources, she could face a three-year prison term.

On the other side, the incident happened in 2010 and the reason behind her arrest was her unlawful $ex with a minor male student of the Rodriguez High School. After two years, she was arrested and sentenced to 30 days of prison. Not only this but she has also been charged with multiple $excual misbehavior with the school’s students between March to October in 2009.

She admitted to police in Vallejo that she was involved in $exual misbehavior. On November 9, 2010, she was released on paid administrative. Now, the previous incident is circulating on social media and Felecia has been moved on from those incidents.


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