Is Dani Welniak Leaving KCTV Channel 5?: We have got news related to Dani Welniak who is now leaving KCTV channel 5 and now people want to know where she will join leaving her. When she declared her last day in the office people are now searching this news on the internet to know if this news is fake or real. So this news is a piece of real news. Though she didn’t mention where she will join after leaving from here. We will give you each detail about her so stay connected for more information about her. Follow More Updates On

Dani Welniak

Who Is Dani Welniak?

She was born in Peoria and in her school, she got the title of Prom Queen. In 2011, she completed her graduation in Sports Media and zoology from Oklahoma State University. Dani shifted to Kansas City with her husband in 2011 to join KCTVs. She also worked as an analyst in 2016 for a radio network. Dani is a retired football player as she was the wide receiver for Dallas Diamonds. In 2019, she was part of a radio crew as the first female radio crew. She is then blessed with a baby boy Cameron in 2020. She also loves doing yoga, rock climbing, kayaking, and many more activities.

Is Dani Welniak Leaving KCTV Channel 5?

On 20th June 2022 Dani wrote on her Twitter account that today is the last Sunday she is going to spend in the Locker Room Show. She joined this channel in 2016 where she was an anchor and a journalist for one year and after that, she got promoted as a Sports Director for elevated full-time in August 2017. Currently, she was the sports anchor and also the host of the locker room. She got popular and her fans always wait for her show as it was filled with the fun and the way she host the show. Now people are getting sad that they will not able to see her in the show.

Where Is Dani Welniak Going To Work?

As per the information, she didn’t mention where is she moving after the KCTV channel. As she completed her degree in sports & broadcast news coverage. She will surely be moving into this profession only. Though she is having a child maybe she wants to care for him and wants to spend time with him and her family. This can also be a reason she may be leaving this channel. We will update you when we came to know what she is joining after leaving his channel. Till now stay connected with us.


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