There are lots of searches appearing related to the arrest news of Chael Sonnen. He is a very famous American submission grappling promoter and is popular for his mixed martial art (MMA) analyst. In 1997, he began his career as a mixed martial art (MMA) and he was the top contender for the UFC.

Is Chael Sonnen Arrested

Not only this, but his name is widely prominent for Light Heavyweight and Middleweight Championships. Now, the news of his arrest has been continuously appearing in the searches, and many people talking about him. Talking about his recent fights, he fought in the Bellator MMA and also was part of WEC, Pancrase.

Is Chael Sonnen Arrested?

Let us also tell you that, Chael Sonnen is believed one of the greatest trash talkers in MMA history. He has been an MMA critic for ESPN since 2014. So far, the confirmed news is that the MMA analyst Chael Sonnen is not arrested.

However, he was imprisoned and later cited for charges by Las Vegas police officers. Chael Sonnen was accused of wrongfully charging a battery earlier this month. Let us tell you that he allegedly banged on a Las Vegas hotel at around 07:00 PST. Eyewitnesses said that when the door opened, Sonnen had a dispute with many people.

Later, the hotel guests informed the police by calling 911. Let us also tell you that Video footage of Las Vegas police officers walking down the hallway of a hotel with Sonnen handcuffed went viral on the internet.

Talking about his personal life, he is a married man and he is the husband of Brittany Smith. They both married with each other in July 2013 and they have been together for around eight years. On 4 June 2015, Chael Sonnen and his beautiful wife Brittany shared a child. His name is Thero. So far, there is no information related to his wife available in the internet.

Brittany and Chael Sonnen greeted their second child, Blauna Dian, in 2016. Unfortunately, their newborn daughter has died. Talking about his wife, she is very beautiful and appearing very young and it is seems that she is might be in her late thirties.

So far, any details of his wife Brittany Smith has not been revealed yet and we are trying to find some more clues related to her personal life. The news of Chael Sonnen arrest has already shocked everyone but it is just a rumor and he was not arrested.


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