The American football quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, Carson James Wentz is better known as Carson Wentz has become an interesting topic on the Internet in recent days. Well, it seems that it is not a topic of discussion but still, we found several people who are searching about the question regarding his religion.

so, let’s find out that why has he become a topic of discussion on the Internet. First of all, it is also important to share with our readers that he is a professional football player who is currently playing for Indianapolis Colts and started this year.

Is Carson Wentz Jewish?

Since 2016, he had been playing for Philadelphia Eagles till 2020 but in 2021, he joined the Indianapolis Colts and started to play for the team. He is currently active in his game and become one of the popular rosters among fans.

The quarterback has had a wonderful professional career as a footballer since his college time where he also played for his college football team, North Dakota State. Since 2016, he is a powerful player for any team he has played with and maybe, readers should watch his Saturday match against Arizona Cardinals where he proved himself. Well, the player is currently going viral because of another reason so, let’s find out.

According to the official sources, Carson Wentz is not Jewish but he has a deep faith in the Christain community, and maybe, because of his faith, it has become a viral topic that he is Jewish. Before, a tall player has also already vocal about his beliefs in the Christian religion and revealed that how faced problems during his career’s journey.

Along with this, Carson Wentz stated that he is not Jewish but has faith in the Christian religion as it helped him in dealing with the criticism as a player. He also stated that his internal and biblical perspective allows him to see life as more than a player and beliefs that believing in religion is bigger than life. He also opened up that Bible helps him to have an open and renewed mind as well.

Carson Wentz Marital Status and Wife Name

So, the quarterback is a married man for more than 3 years as he married to Madison Oberg on July 6, 2018. They stayed in a long relationship before their marriage and engaged in February 2018. It took 5 months to announce officially that they are husband and wife. They married in Bucks County, Pennsylbania.

Their first baby, Hadley Jane born on April 27, 2021, and Hudson Rose is the youngest member of the family who was born in November 2021.


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