The confusion among fans to confirm Cardi B and Offset’s relationship is very high. Yes, there is no one who is sure that they are still married after witnessing their on-again and off-again relationship. These moments between them make their relationship more interesting for the fans.

Cardi B and Offset Still Married

It seems that the WAP singer has always negotiated with her man. As all of us already know that they both always remain in controversies since they come into the relationship. After they both marry each other, they spend three years together, and then Cardi B reportedly filed for divorce from Offset.

Is Cardi B and Offset Still Married?

Since now, they have both remained in the headlines and always make themselves the talk of the town. The singer is said to have filed this in an Atlanta courthouse, stating that their marriage was “unexpectedly broken”. Not only this, but she was also seeking legal custody of their daughter, Kulture.

However, in October 2020, the singer disclosed on Instagram Live that she is back with her husband. This left numerous wondering what happened to the divorce she filed. Some reports claimed that Cardi B “filed to have her petition for divorce dismissed”. This dismissal was reportedly filed “without discrimination,” indicating she could amortize for divorce in the future.

Be it for their daughter Kulture’s Disney queen-themed party or the mansion as an Offset on his wife’s birthday, the couple has always made news for their extravagant celebrations. Now, they both again appear together and fans are indicating that they both are very happy together.

On December 22, 2021, Cardi B gifted Offset a $2 million check on the event of his 30th birthday. One of her Instagram stories directed her showing Offset with a giant check as he jigged while smiling and holding her.

For those of you wondering how extensively Cardi B is worth in 2021, she has an evaluated net worth of $40 million. But it is an unofficial amount that some sources present in front of everyone.

Many people eagerly waiting to watch the full controversy in which both stars are appearing with each other and creating a huge sensation regarding their relationship. If you want to know some more details regarding their relationship then you just need to stay connected with us to know more information.


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