Here we are sharing a piece of news, which is about Brendan Santo. Dive groups recuperated a body in the Red Cedar River which is believed to be the missing teen, is Brendan Santo. We see much news on the web about the missing of someone, and this news is one of them. According to the officials, they recuperated a body accepted to be missing Grand  Valley State University (GVSU) understudy Brendan Santo after more than 80 days of appearance.

Is Brendan Santo Dead Or Alive

Here are several things for telling you about the news, you are on the right page for getting the right information about the news. We will find out the confusion about Brendan Santo with the facts. Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

Is Brendan Santo Dead Or Alive?

According to the report, Brendan Santo was visiting MSU’s grounds when he disappeared on October 29, 2021. At the moment, he was recently seen leaving Yakeley Hall around 12 PM. His appearance for almost three months, officers couldn’t find Santo until the Friday when police got data from a private examiner of his imaginable area.

After that, the body which is believed to be of Brendan Santo was recuperated from the Ceder River on Friday. If we talk about his demise confusion, so Brendan Santo, the missing, believed be passed away, and the investigators don’t assume any foul play this time.

On the basis of the available report, the Medical annotator will take a gender at things-like dental records and DNA to attempt to identify the body and sort out the cause behind for demise. Dr.Dean Sienko, the former medical inspector for Ingham Country, is obtained details and later gives an output while great the details required for the examination.

What Happened To Brendan Santo?

If we take a look at his personal details, So available reports claimed that Brendan Santo was only 18 years old when he missed. That probably means he was born somewhere around 2003. His physical appearance was like 5 feet in height and 8 inches tall, and he weighs around 160 lbs. His parents’ name is Brad and Wendy Santo.

We have not so much information about his parents due to some privacy matter, but let us tell you that they have talked on a trustworthy news channel for the first time since Brendan Santo’s missed.

“Bring Brendan Santo Home” that was created by the family of Brendan to spread awareness with reference to Santo’s missing and release updates on the case. We have shared all the information which we have about the news. Stay connected for more updates.


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