Here we are talking about Blaire White Before and after Transition pictures. Let us tell you Blaire white is a transgender woman from the united states she is well known for her YouTube videos and political commentary. A picture is going viral on social video in, in this picture has her before transition look and after transition look reveal.


It is going viral among the people as we know. She has a good amount of followers on youTUbe channel. If you want to know about her videos you can go on her YouTube channel and enjoy the videos. In this blog, we will give you all detail related to Blaire’s transition.

Is Blaire White Transgender?

Blaire White was born with the gender of a boy, However, she told, she was feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in her own body It was very difficult for her. She was facing the problem of gender dysphoria since her childhood. “Gender dysphoria” refers to a psychological problem. It was a mismatch between one’s sex at birth and one’s gender identity.

She used to feel very uncomfortable in her body. She discusses the incident as well, she was sexually abused by a man when she was 18 years old. Blaire white exposed herself as transgender to her friends and her and family, when she was 20 years old.

She started talking and medications along with feminizing hormone therapy in 2015. she is now a transgender woman. she was strongly opposed to starting a gender transition journey. Ypu can see her pictures on social media.

she is also active in politics and it is likely that she is a follower of trump. However, in 2018 she stated that she is sceptical about some of his policies and actions in office. When she was studying computer science at California state university that time she used to appear on her friend’s live streams.

That’s when her voice and perspective, the way towards life were admired and lovely by everyone. she is engaged with the love of her life, joey Sarson. He is Youtuber as well.

When we talk about transition, people think it is a deasise but no it not like a illness or any kind oof deasise. But we want to tell you that includes changing their name and pronouns, changing the governmental marker in official documents, medical affirmations, hormone supplements, or surgical treatment like vaginoplasty or breast augmentation. However some people express about this and some people don’t. it’s the individual choice.


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