Today, we are going to talk about a very beautiful woman who is 74 years old named Bev Brock. She was born and raised in Western Australia. She is very popular as the wife of the Australian motor racing driver Peter Geoffrey Brock. The interesting in their marriage is that they both never married but lived 28 years together.

Bev Brock

Peter was a very talented and famous racing driver but unfortunately, he died in a car accident during the race. Bev Brock become very popular because of her stunning looks and maintained figure at the age of 74. Along with it, many people search if she is still alive.

Is Bev Brock Still Alive?

Talking about the accident of Peter, he was just 3 kilometers away from the finish line but he met with an accident and died on the spot. Let us also tell you that he died on 8th September 2006. Before meeting Bev, Peter married two times but his marriage never worked and this is why Peter and Bev never married but they both called each other a married couple. So far, Bev has turned 74 as of December 2021 but her exact date of birth has not been revealed on the internet.

In a water-skiing accident, at age 21, she broke two vertebrae in her neck and five more in her spine. Experts concluded she would never be able to play any sport or have children. So far very little information is available related to Bev because she is not available on Wikipedia.

Her full name is Beverly “Bev” McIntosh and she is well-known as a former partner of Peter Brock who died in an accident during his race. The couple never married but Bev changed her surname by a deep poll and they both lived together happily.

Bev also served as the administration of human resources and management for Peter’s company Holder Dealer Team Special Vehicles and Racing Team, according to Platinum Speakers. Talking about Bev Brock’s Net Worth then she is earning $1 million. So far, the net worth of the celebrity is not confirmed yet.

Many people continuously searching to know if she died but let us tell you that no official statement has arrived yet related to his death. There is no official statement claiming that Bev Brock is dead. So, she is still alive and living her life very well.


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