Is Angelica Devereux Leaving Days Of Our Lives?: Hello everyone, today we bring you a show that is titled Days of Our lives. Well…if you are a fan of the famous series called ‘Friends’, then you must have heard of this name in that show as well. However, this time we are talking about the actual show which is known as Days of Our lives, and not the one that was shown in Friends where Joey was playing the role of the doctor. So, let’s get it started as we discuss the details of the show and talk about the rumor of Angelica actually leaving the show. Follow More Updates On

Angelica Devereux

Is Angelica Devereux Leaving Days Of Our Lives?

First, let us tell you that Angelica Deveraux is a character that has been playing the character of Jane Elliot in the soap opera known as Days of Our lives from the year 1987 to 89. In 1989, her role was changed to Shelly Taylor Morgan and then the role of Judith Chapman was given to her in the same year and she is playing that character even until now.

There is a revelation that says that Morgan Fairchild will be taking on the responsibility so that she can take the position that began in the summer of 2017. She made her debut appearance on the 14th of June in 2017. However, she was not seen again until 25 august in the same year when the character ended in the show. Even the viewers who have been watching the show for a long time will need a refreshment on the character that is not seen very often and her name is Alexander Kirakis.

What Happened To Angelica Devereux On Days Of Our Lives?

The reason for her low appearance is that when she made an appearance in the show in the 90s she originated the role of the kid that was back in the month of February in 1989.

There was also the time when Justin was involved in an affair with Anjelica Deveraux and this was the time when his marriage was also getting involved in many troubles and this is why the character of Alexander Kirakis was given birth. When people had not even realized that Alex could not have his own children there was an assumption that was being made which said that he could have been the son of Harper Deveraux. This made victor attempt to marry Anjelica so that the kid can be made his heir. However, it did not happen.

Now, that we have talked about the life of the actress and what went on with her life and the show let’s talk about the rumor about whether she is actually leaving the show or not.

Is Anjelica leaving the show?

Well, there were a lot of rumors that were running amok that she was leaving the show, Days of Our lives, however, from the sources we have gathered that she has no plans of leaving the show and neither does the production team is looking for her replacement.


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